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Commercial Construction & Remodels  

Would you like to get some insight into: 

  • State and National Electrical Code Requirements or Permit and Inspection processes? 

  • Suggestions as to what would be the best type, size, and amount of electrical service equipment and/or devices that would best serve your specific needs.

  • Are you a Do-It-Yourself individual, thinking of taking on a project, but don’t know what electrical material and costs to expect? 

  • Do you already have blue-prints, and would like a bid from an Electrical Contractor who takes much pride in giving ALL of their customer's a neat and workmanlike installation, that meets BOTH State and National Code a FAIR price?  

Call YERDEN Electric  

Speak with Gary(Owner/Master Electrician)and schedule a Consultation.  

From start to finish, planning to final inspection, let us put our 20+ years of Experience that YERDEN Electric has accumulated in the Electrical Industry to work for you.  

Feel confident that your project will be overseen and coordinated and even installed by Gary Yerden himself.  We always try to communicate and work in conjunction with the other trades involved with a project.   

Our objective is not just to get a project from you, get it done, get paid, and go.   

We do everything in our power so that your project goes as smooth and efficiently as possible.   

We want our customers, and the other contractors, to be able to say that YERDEN Electric will be the first call they make whenever they have an electrical issue...Why? 

Because they know that the Safety and Satisfaction of our Customer is and always be our highest priority.  


Ask for Gary.You will be glad you did.